Can I record meetings with an external microphone?


In some cases, there may be a need for an external microphone to record meetings. For example, it may be during lectures where the speaker needs to move around a lot, while using their hands during the presentation. It can also be useful in cases where there are many meeting participants, but only one or two participants use FirstAgenda to record the meeting.

In general, we always recommend that as many attendants as possible have FirstAgenda included in the meeting for the best sound quality. However, alternatively, meetings can be recorded with an external microphone connected to a single phone.

Please be aware that a great variety of external microphones is not supported by iPhone. So please read the specifications carefully before purchasing a microphone.

In the meeting room

For traditional, decision-making meetings, we recommend using a custom-made, high-recording microphones with high-recording range, located close to the meeting leader or the person who speaks most. If everyone has equal talk time, place the microphone at the center of the table.

For lectures

For lectures or presentations, where it may be a disadvantage to have a phone in your hand, a lavalier microphone can be a good option.

TIP: If you need to use a PowerPoint remote control in your hand for your presentation, another option may be to install a remote app as a replacement so you can both record the meeting with your phone and use it to control your presentation.

In other surroundings

If meetings are held outside the traditional meeting rooms/ conference rooms, such as standing at construction site or similar places, all meeting participants must use an external microphone, for example in the form of a headset, to capture the sound as best as possible.

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