How to record an online conference call with FirstAgenda

If you’re a meeting organizer or you’re going to participate in an online conference call, e.g. through Skype, you can record the meeting with FirstAgenda through the web version.

How to record a conference call

  • open Skype (or a difference conference tool) and do as usual when you start a conference call
  • check that everything works and that your microphone is activated
  • log in to FirstAgenda through
  • go to the meeting and press “Add FirstAgenda to Conference Call


  • connect to the conference call by adding Conference Number and Conference ID


See how to find the conference number and conference ID in this article

  • choose the language the conference is held in


  • click on “Start

FirstAgenda is now connected to the conference call and is recording the meeting by listening as a meeting participant.


The recording of the meeting will automatically stop when the ending time in exceeded. If you wish to record past the ending time of the meeting, because the meeting is drawing out, you can prolong the meeting by clicking on “+5 min” to add 5 minutes to the meeting. Click on the button again to add another 5 minutes etc.


If the meeting ends early, you can manually stop the recording by clicking on “Stop recording”. Then click on “Yes” to confirm the ending of the recording.



FirstAgenda has now stopped recording and left the conference call, and processing of the meeting now starts. If you stopped the recording by accident, you can click on “Resume Recording” to start recording again.


  • it is only necessary for one meeting participant to connect FirstAgenda to the conference call. As soon as FirstAgenda is connected, all meeting participants can see the FirstAgenda recording in the meeting.
  • all meeting participants can add extra time to the meeting
  • all meeting participants can end the recording of the meeting
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