How do I add content? (app)

How to add a personal note, decision, summery or a task

  • On the left-hand side of the app, tap the "+" icon in the left side corner (hold down your finger on the icon if you're using an Android)
  • Select whether the message is to be saved as a Note, a Decision or a Task
  • Choose the microphone to speak your message or
  • Choose the keyboard to write your message
  • Your message appears as text (you can edit the text by pressing it)
  • Save your message by tapping the green checkmark


  • Select a meeting participant to assign the task to. If necessary, select a due date for when the task is to be completed.


Your message will now appear on the meeting page, based on the category you have selected.

Tasks and Microsoft To-Do

If you are using Office 365, your tasks will automatically sync with Microsoft To-Do

How to find added content during the meeting

  • Close the recording dashboard to get back to the meeting page. You can always open the recording dashboad again by tapping "Show recorder".


Note: All meeting participants will see the content as soon as they're added. Except personal notes they can only be seen by the user who created the note.

How to edit/delete content

You can always edit or delete your content by:

  • Tapping the note, summery, decision or task
  • Tapping the blue "More" button
  • Choose "Edit Text" or "Delete"

How to re-assign a task

If you assigned a task to the wrong meeting participant, you can quickly change it by pressing the task and selecting Re-assign. Then, you select the meeting participant who the task should be assigned to.

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