Connect FirstAgenda to Microsoft Teams

With the FirstAgenda BOT for Microsoft Teams, it’s super easy to access and share your meeting minutes with a team of your choice – without ever leaving Teams. This way, you can quickly share knowledge, and ensure alignment across the entire organization.

The BOT also notifies you – right within Teams - when the meeting minutes have been processed and are available in FirstAgenda.

Note: a notification is only sent if the meeting has content attached to it; like tasks, notes, summaries, decisions, audio, etc.

How to install the bot in Microsoft Teams

  • First, you'll need to have an existing FirstAgenda account.
  • Log in to your Microsoft Teams account and select "Store"
  • Search for "FirstAgenda" and install the bot
  • Select a team to add the bot to.
  • When installed, the bot will introduce itself in the team's general channel.

How to use the bot

Sign in to FirstAgenda

  • Write "Sign in" in a private message to the bot.

The bot sends an action card with a “Sign in” button. When you click the “Sign in” button, a new dialogue will open with our authentication website, from where you can sign in using your FirstAgenda account. After completing a login, the bot will respond indicating it was a success and share a link to get more information on using the bot.

Meeting Minute Notification

To receive notifications in Teams from FirstAgenda when a new meeting minute is ready, you need to subscribe to the notifications.

  • Write "Subscribe" in a private message to the bot.

The bot will reply that the user is now subscribed to notifications.

A meeting notification is sent 30 minutes after a meeting has ended. It might take a little longer in some situations, depending on the processing of the meeting and general system load. The FirstAgenda bot will post an action card in the private conversation, which will contain a link to the meeting in FirstAgenda.

If you no longer want to receive notifications in Teams, you can write “Unsubscribe” to the FirstAgenda bot in the private conversation.

Sharing meeting minutes

This functionality is only available in a team channel through message extension.

There are three ways of activating the message extension:

  • By using the “” icon below the message text input field and clicking the FirstAgenda bot
  • By using the native “What can I do” functionality of Teams for the bot
  • By @FirstAgenda-mentioning the bot and activating the extension

Note: writing “share” to the bot will not activate the message extension, nor will it start an interaction with the bot. The bot will simply write back that it doesn’t understand the command.


  • Write "Help" or "What can I do" in a private message to the bot.

This will display options in the given context. In a personal conversation these are “sign in”, “sign out”, “subscribe” and “unsubscribe”. In a team channel conversation the bot will inform about the message extension which can be used to share meeting details with the channel.

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