Rate the quality of your meetings

With our new rating module, you can get an overview of the quality of your meetings.

For the rating statistics to give you the most value, you should answer the question “Was it a good meeting?” skaermbillede_2019-01-03_kl._10.17.30.png at the end of every meeting. As you rate more meetings, you will gradually begin to get a good overview of the quantity of good and bad meetings with the “pie chart” on the Insights page, which shows your compiled meeting statistics.


If a large proportion of your meetings have a bad rating, you can find help to raise the quality of your meetings through the remaining statistics under Insights. One of the reasons that you have mainly bad meetings might be that the cause of the meeting is not properly outlined before you go to the meeting - i.e. a large proportion of the meetings do not have an agenda.

Other than the quality of the meetings that you participate in yourself, you can also see the rate of good and bad meetings in your organization. Choose Corporate instead of Personal to see the quality of meetings overall in your organization.

When will I see the rating buttons?

The rating buttons are visible at a meeting:

  • When there is less than 10% left of the meeting. I.e. if you have a meeting with the duration of 30 minutes, the rating buttons will be visible after 27 minutes.
  • Immediately after a conference call has ended (e.g. the recording of online meetings through Skype, Zoom, Hangouts etc.).
  • 30 minutes after the meeting, the popup will be replaced with a rating panel, which will be at the top of the meeting up to and including 7 days after the ending of the meeting.


How do I rate the quality of my meetings?

  • Open an ended meeting or an ongoing meeting with less than 10% of the time left
  • Rate the quality of the meeting by clicking on thumbs up or thumbs down
  • Your vote has now been given and counts towards the compiled statistics over the quality of meetings in your organization.

Important: No one can see how you have rated each meeting. When you rate a meeting as good or bad, your rating counts towards the compiled amount of meetings, and no one can know exactly what meeting you have rated as good or bad.

When you have rated a meeting, it is not possible to change your rating.

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