Insights - can I filter the view?

Yes, you can choose if you want Insights to show you your personal meeting statistics: select “Personal”, or if you want to see the compiled meeting statistics from your organization: select “Corporate”.


Your personal meeting statistics are solely accessible to you and can not be accessed by others - not even your boss.

By selecting Corporate, you get access to the compiled statistics for your organization. The organization is in this context defined by your email domain, so if I as a coworker at FirstAgenda select “Corporate”, I will see the compiled meeting statistics for everyone with the email domain

It’s important to emphasize that what you see when selecting Corporate are anonymized statistics - e.g. it’s not possible to click on the pie chart with the bad ratings and see which person has clicked on thumbs down and which meetings have been negatively rated.

Other than filtering with Personal and Corporate, you can also filter the view of data with those three set time intervals:


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