Which data can FirstAgenda access when you log in with Office 365?

When you first log in to the FirstAgenda app with Office 365, there are a couple of general conditions regarding data access that requires your approval before you can use FirstAgenda for your meetings.

Here you will find an overview of these conditions and why they are required:

The FirstAgenda app must have access to:

Read calendars you can access + Read your calendars

These permissions are required for FirstAgenda to fetch events from the user’s calendar(s) and show them in FirstAgenda.

Sign in as you and read your profile

This permission is required so we can keep syncing event changes from people’s calendars and for fetching name and profile picture.

Access your data anytime

‘Your data’ refers to only to the data regarding calendar, profile and tasks. This permission is required so we can keep the app up to date with the latest changes in e.g. peoples calendars.

Create, read and delete your tasks and projects

This permission is required so we can sync tasks created in FirstAgenda between FirstAgenda and Outlook Tasks.

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