How do I get the best audio quality?

Audio minutes are compiled based on individual audio files, that merge into one single audio file. If there are many meeting participants at a meeting, it's advantageous that as many people record the meeting as possible to create the best results. In addition, the location of the phone during the meeting also has a significant impact on the quality of the audio files.

Where to place your phone during the meeting

The microphone in the phone is directional, so place the phone with the microphone facing the person who is talking. 


More recordings make the best sound quality

When FirstAgenda is taken to record meetings, we recommend that as many attendants as possible download the app and use it during the meeting. The more meeting participants who record the meeting, the better the subsequent result.

If all meeting participants have the app in use, the microphone must turn towards yourself.


If there is only one user of FirstAgenda during the meeting, we recommend that the phone is placed close to the meeting chairperson or the person you expect will speak the most during the meeting. It's not a good idea to place the phone at the center of the table, as it will impair the sound quality.

If you are a lecturer and move around a lot while talking, we recommend that you hold the phone in your hand, upside down, so the microphone will be closest to your mouth. If you need free hands while talking, you can instead connect an external microphone to your phone. Read more about external microphones here.

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