Why can I not see a meeting?

Your meeting can’t be seen in FirstAgenda for the following reasons:

  • You have deleted / removed the meeting in your calendar
  • The meeting was deleted / removed by the organizer
  • You have rejected your meeting invitation (you must respond "Maybe" or "Participate" to see it in FirstAgenda)
  • The meeting's organizer has removed you from the meeting
  • You were invited to the meeting via a distribution list: You can see your meeting in Outlook, but you haven't accepted the meeting yet - or you gave the answer "temporary". As soon as you accept the meeting, you can see it in the meetings overview page.
  • The end time of the meeting was exceeded and the original meeting was moved to a future meeting. The meeting will be shown at the original time and not at the new time of the meeting.
  • The meeting has been updated by organizer where you need to accept the latest update in your calendar. Check for updates to the meeting in Outlook and accept again.
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