Why can't I see any meetings?

The first time you log in to FirstAgenda, your meetings will be fetched with your calendar. It may take a few minutes if you have a lot of meetings in your calendar.

If no meetings are found, it may be due to one of the following scenarios:

If you are signed in with Office 365

  • Your Office 365 account is not cloud-based. To synchronize meetings into FirstAgenda from your Outlook account, you must have a cloud-based Office 365 account. Be aware that it is not the same as having a Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Your Outlook account is not cloud-based. Meaning that you have an Office 365 account in the cloud, but your Outlook is running through a local on premise solution (Exchange).

If you are signed in using your local calendar

  • The e-mail you have used to create your user differs from the e-mail that is syncronized with your calendar. E.g. if you signed in with "", but your calendar is connected with "". Delete your account and create a new with the correct e-mail.

Do you need to delete your user? Read more: How do I delete my user account in FirstAgenda?

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