How do I create a user in FirstAgenda?

How to create an account in FirstAgenda

It is not possible to create a user through the phone app. Therefore, you need to open a browser and access the URL to create a user

Sign up with Office 365 (Cloud)


  • select “Sign up with Office 365” if you wish to use FirstAgenda with your Office 365 account (Cloud)
  • enter the email and password for your Office 365 login
  • you now have access to FirstAgenda


  • When you log in with Office 365, there are a couple of general conditions regarding data access that requires your approval before you can use FirstAgenda for your meetings.
  • If your Office 365 account is not Cloud-based, choose “Sign up with email” instead.

Sign up with email


  • select “Sign up with email” if you wish to create an account without Office 365
  • enter “Email”, “First name”, “Last name” and “Password
  • click on “Next
  • verify your email by logging in to your email programme and clicking on the link in the email you have just received.
  • when your mail is verified, you can click on “Already confirmed?” to log in.
  • you have now created an account and can use “Sign in with username” the next time you log in to FirstAgenda. Note that it might take some time before your meetings are all loaded.

You can also sync meetings into FirstAgenda from your calendar on your mobile - read how to sync meetings from your local calendar on smartphone.

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