How do I create an agenda item?

How to add an item

  • Log in to FirstAgenda via
  • Go to the meeting where you want to add an agenda item
  • Click on the “+ Add Agenda Item” button


  • Enter the title of the item
  • Click on “Save


How to add content to the item

  • Click "+ add file" or the “Edit” button (the pencil icon) to the right of the item


  • Add a descriptive text/content in "purpose" (optional)
  • Upload a document to the item by dragging the file into the box or click on "Click to browse"


  •  Click "Close" to save

Add an attendee responsible for the item

If you have a user that should be the primary person responsible for the content of an item, they can be assigned to the item through "Responsible" at the top right of the item.


Note that all meeting attendees have the right to edit the agenda and add files and new items.

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