How do I add a comment or a highlight? (web)

How to add comments and highlights

Add hightlight

  • Click the "Highlight" button at the bottom of the page


  • Choose a colour and make a highlight in the document by clicking and dragging the mouse
  • Click "X" to save your highlight
  • Click "left arrow" to undo and delete your highlight
  • Click "right arrow" to redo your highlight



Add a comment

  • Click the "Comment" button in the bottom of the page


  • Click anywhere in the document to create a comment
  • Enter your comment in the text box to the right


  • Click "Add comment" to save the comment


Share comments

Share a comment with one of the attendees by clicking "+ Share Comment" and choose an attendee from the list.

You can see the difference between personal comments and shared comments via the icons:

Sk_rmbillede_2019-02-13_kl._13.22.59.png Personal comment
Sk_rmbillede_2019-02-13_kl._13.23.03.png Shared comment



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