Can I filter my meetings?


If you have a lot of meetings in your list, you can use the navigation to the left to get a quick overview. See more about how:

All meetings

Shows all your meetings in chronological order from 30 days before and until the year 2050.


Filter the meetings by “Last week”, “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow” etc.


Shows meetings you have/have had with the meeting attendees shown on the list. The meeting attendees that you have had the most meetings with are on the top of the list, while the ones you have had the least meetings with are at the bottom. There can be one or more meeting attendees in the group. You can see the total number of meeting attendees by the number to the right of the group.

Click on a name or a group to see the meetings you have had with the persons in the list. You can also search for a meeting attendee by clicking on the small search icon next to “ATTENDEES”.

Trending Topics 

Sort meetings with keywords that have been talked about on the meetings. E.g. if you click on “capital”, the list will show all meetings that contain the word “capital”.

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