Can I get a full transcription of my meeting?


PRO users have automatic access to the full transcription from the meetings. When the meeting is held, the transcription will be produced, as soon as the meeting is processed. In the transcription, you also get an overview of who have been speaking under the meeting and when. In the beginning, FirstAgenda won’t know who’s talking and it will be shown as “Speaker#”. You can change the speaker to the person that you know was speaking. To recognize the voice as precisely as possible, it’s an advantage to record with as many phones as possible.

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How do I find the full transcription from the meeting?

  • Log in to FirstAgenda
  • Open a finished meeting
  • Click on "View Transcription"

Use the search function at the top of the page to search for specific topics or words that have been talked about.

How do I change “Speaker#” to a meeting participant?

Click on the “Speaker#” name and choose a person from attendee list.

Note: On all meetings, you will need to tell FirstAgenda who has been speaking, after the transcription has been produced.

Which languages can be transcribed?

English, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Can I share the transcription?

Yes, you can share the transcription in iOS or Android. By tapping the "share"-button.


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