How to create a copy of an agenda from a previous meeting

If you create several identical meetings with the same content, it’s now possible to fetch a copy of an agenda from a previous meeting, including its content.

Step 1 Create a new meeting

Or (if you are logged in with Office 365)

  • Create a new meeting in Outlook

Then, log in to

Step 2 Copy the agenda content from a previous meeting


  • Click on “Import
  • Search for a previous meeting with an agenda (only meetings with agendas are searchable)
  • Select the meeting and click on “Import
  • Click on “Import

You have now copied an agenda from a previous meeting.

Copy an agenda to recurring meetings

If you have a meeting that occurs several times, you can also copy the agenda into all the future meetings.

  • Go to the recurring meeting (created with Outlook)
  • Copy an agenda using the guide above
  • A new button will appear: “Copy to meeting series


  • Click on this button to copy the agenda to all meetings in the meeting series
  • Tick the box and click on “Copy


You have now copied the agenda to all future meetings in the meeting series.

Note: You can still add extra items into the meetings from which you have created copies. These are not automatically added to the other meetings in the series.

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